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Available 24/7 to Meet Your Needs

Because we understand that the need for reliable legal counsel could arise at any moment, our Rapid Response Team is available around-the-clock to meet the needs of our clients. Our personal injury attorneys are even willing to drive to our clients if they are unable to meet with us in our office.

If you have any questions regarding your personal injury case or about the claims-filing process, we would be happy to provide you with the answers you need. We will guide you through the entire legal process so that you don’t become overwhelmed or confused. We are here to make the aftermath of your accident less stressful.

When it comes to protecting the rights of our clients, we let nothing stand in our way. We work tirelessly to secure the compensation victims need to get back on their feet. For this reason, you can trust that your case will be in capable hands when you work with the dedicated team of personal injury lawyers at The LaMarr Firm.

What Are 5 Things I Should Do Following a Personal Injury?

Seek Medical Attention
Take Detailed Notes
Photos of Your Injuries
Don’t Admit Fault
Seek Medical Attention
  • You’ve Been in an Accident and…
  • … Your Car is in Need of Repair
  • … You’re Receiving Medical Treatment
  • … Your Medical Bills Are Piling Up
  • … You’re Unable to Work
  • The Answer is Now

We help by

  • icon Recommending doctors or repair teams uniquely suited for your case
  • iconNegotiating with the parties involved to maximize your accident settlement
  • iconTaking your case to trial if necessary
  • icon Providing insights into how the court processes work
  • icon Guiding you through the legal process to make sure everything goes smoothly and quickly
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The hiring of an attorney is an important decision. By viewing this website does not create an attorney client relationship or mean that this firm represents you. By completing the contact form on this site does not mean The LaMarr Firm has agreed to take your case, represent you, or have formed an attorney client relationship. In the event a user emails this firm requesting legal representation, The LaMarr Firm may not respond to such emails as there is a volume of incoming requests for services.

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