Simply put, The LaMarr Firm was founded to help people. This firm has personally witnessed the impact that sub-par legal counsel can have on a client, and The LaMarr Firm’s goal is to provide only the highest quality counsel in order to reshape clients’ lives and help them face brighter futures. This may seem a far-fetched concept right now, but this firm can work quickly to alleviate the stress you are experiencing.


The LaMarr Firm remains ready to assist in your matter. This firm is passionate about the work that is provided and committed to helping ordinary people recover or find remedy.

Meet The Founder

B’Ivory LaMarr

B’Ivory LaMarr is the managing attorney and founder of the firm.

Prior to law school, LaMarr worked as a licensed Public Adjuster and founded both America Recovers, a non-profit organization, and a national loss consultant firm. His efforts resulted in helping thousands of people across the country resolve insurance disputes and resulting in substantial claims and settlements.

LaMarr graduated from Howard University School of law and was a distinguished member of the National Charles Hamilton Houston Moot Court Team. He was one of two students to graduate early and among the first to past the Bar in his class.

While at Howard Law, working under the leadership of famed lawyer Willie E. Gary,  LaMarr worked as a legal clerk for Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson & Gary P.L.L.C. He also worked as a focus group facilitator for WC Communications, a legal consulting firm. This position required traveling across the country preparing multi-million dollar cases for mediation, settlement, and trial.

LaMarr was also a legal intern at Davis Bozeman Law Firm in Atlanta, GA where he was part of the trial team headed by Attorney Mawuli Davis, who successfully negotiated the dismissal of felony murder charges and aggravated assault charges for a man who was viciously attacked by five men.

His goal after graduating from Howard Law, was not to work for the largest firms or corporations in the world, but instead to make an immediate impact on society by raising the standard and expectation in the legal profession.

Driven to continue his efforts in helping people, LaMarr sought to establish his own law firm dedicated to fighting for the underserved in areas including personal injury, criminal defense, and civil rights. Stemming from his personal success in entrepreneurship and deal making, he sought to also leverage his business acumen by coordinating and negotiating deals among sports and entertainment professionals.

LaMarr was raised in Milwaukee, WI, and in his spare time, he enjoys travel, attending live events, and playing basketball.

Community Involvement

The LaMarr Firm is committed to the community. Along with fighting for The LaMarr Firm’s clients’ rights to compensation, this firm seeks to prevent future injuries by educating residents about accidents and providing safety tips.

The LaMarr Firm’s Approach to Personal Injury

When you or someone you love has been hurt, your whole world might be turned upside down. You should be worrying about your recovery, not wondering who will pay the medical bills from a crash that someone else caused or figuring out how to drum up the money to pay for expensive car repairs. The LaMarr firm is here to help you get through this challenging process so you can move on with your life.

The LaMarr Firm offers free case evaluations. When you’re searching for a personal injury attorney to handle your case, you want it to be the right fit. This firm is happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the options in person or over the phone. If you hire The LaMarr Firm, staff members  will get started on your case by gathering facts about your accident. It’s this firm’s job to look into estimates, obtain copies of your medical history and injuries, and assess your medical bills so this firm can put together an estimate of your total costs.


Once the investigation phase is completed, this firm will prepare a settlement demand that pulls the supporting documentation mentioned above to support the amount believed is deserved. The LaMarr Firm will negotiate with insurance adjusters or attorneys representing the person who caused your accident or acted negligently so you can get the recovery you deserve. You’ll always know when there are updates or changes to your case so that you can make the right decision for your situation if you get a settlement offer. If your claim is settled, an attorney can explain the settlement terms. If your claim doesn’t settle and your case goes to trial, this firm will prepare to fight for fair compensation.

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The hiring of an attorney is an important decision. By viewing this website does not create an attorney client relationship or mean that this firm represents you. By completing the contact form on this site does not mean The LaMarr Firm has agreed to take your case, represent you, or have formed an attorney client relationship. In the event a user emails this firm requesting legal representation, The LaMarr Firm may not respond to such emails as there is a volume of incoming requests for services.

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